Is this a sign of the times? This past weekend DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon opened in theaters nationwide to disappointing numbers. It had “winner” written all over it with its family friendly rating, great animation, and let’s not forget it’s in 3D. The film did debut in the top spot, but only with 43 million dollars domestically, which is well below industry expectations. What happened?

Before Dragon opened, box office analysts pegged the film to generate anywhere between 65 to 70 million dollars during its opening weekend. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and it has plenty of people wondering if this is a sign that viewers have had enough of the 3D glut.

Overall the movie got plenty of good reviews, but people are blaming the DreamWorks marketing department for this one. Perhaps they didn’t do enough to make How to Train Your Dragon stand out when there’s already such a heavy menu of 3D films available (i.e. previous champ Alice in Wonderland).

The original overall gross for the film was estimated to get up to 522 million dollars, but after last weekend’s performance it’s been adjusted a bit.

“It appears the movie wasn’t marketed appropriately and did not resonate with the core audience. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if it bounced back to some degree after getting off to a slow start,” said Marsh who is now forecasting total gross office of about $300 million.

Perhaps, another reason the film didn’t do so well has to do with the increase in 3D ticket prices. Last Friday, several of the major theater chains decided to up the ante to capitalize on the Hollywood trend, and I think it backfired. Perhaps, people opted out of paying more and the movie suffered because of it.

This weekend,Clash of the Titans opens in both 2D and 3D, and it will be interesting to see if it gets affected by this change as well.

Did you go see How to Train Your Dragon last weekend? What do you think happened?

Source: Reuters