The man who brought us the live action tales in the X-Men and Watchmen (as co-writer) movies is ready to make the transition from screenwriter to director with his next project entitled, Wolves.  According to Deadline, David Hayter plans on taking the werewolf world by storm, but don’t worry he won’t get too Twilight with it.

Hayter describes Wolves as, “Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without abstinence.”Wolves will not be short on sex. The film will tackle werewolf mythology as “a metaphor for a teen maturing sexually into adulthood, at the age when young men howl at the moon.” That sounds good and all but will these teen wolves wear cargo shorts, sneakers and varsity jackets? You’ve got to give us one or the other. Can they do backflips, martial arts, and will they be able to slam dunk a basketball?

Hayter’s career has spanned several genres of entertainment outside of film. He’s even tackled the world of video games. You might have heard him in Metal Gear Solid where he plays Solid Snake. With this latest project, he’s making the leap from behind the pen and the mic to the camera. It’s great that his career continues to evolve but there is a big difference between writing the words on paper and making them come to life on screen.

Do you think Hayter can cut it as a director?