Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg are doing it again, and this time it comes in 2s. The dynamic duo who brought you A History of Violence and Eastern Promises are getting together for a sequel and a Sigmund Freud biopic.

Cinema Blend reports that Mortensen and Cronenberg will begin to shoot a followup to Eastern Promises this winter, right after they finish The Talking Cure. Mortensen will reprise his role as the Russian Mafia hitman, and he will star as Sigmund Freud in the latter. Originally, the Oscar winning actor Christoph Waltz was suppose to play Freud, but the actor dropped the role. Luckily, another extremely talented actor (Mortensen) was available to fill his shoes.

In 2005, Mortensen received raging reviews for his performance in A History of Violence and in 2007, he earned a best actor nomination for his role in Eastern Promises. The Talking Cure will mark the third collaboration between the actor and director, and with so much successful history behind them, the next two are likely to be just as compelling. We can’t wait.

What do you think of Mortensen and Cronenberg working together once again?