Comedy Central’s long running series “South Park” knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope. The show is about “four boys in one f**ked up town” who do a lot of off the wall, don’t-let-your-parents-watch-crap on a weekly basis. Even though the cable sensors let creators and stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone get away with a lot of stuff, they sometimes have things that are too hot for TV. Lucky for us, one of their most explicit scenes have been released online and we’ve got it for your right here…

Over on the official Comedy Central website, they unveiled a deleted scene that appears on the 13th season DVD. It’s the first time that they’ve ever shown footage from the show that was cut out do to its extreme content. One of the clips feature Stan, his dad, a phone conversation and lots of F-bombs. Whore gets thrown in there too, and the occasional cock-sucker. It’s everything you would expect from “South Park” and more.

It’s not as extreme as I thought it would be, but it’s hilarious none-the-less. “South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season” is currently available and the show’s fourteenth season premiered last Wednesday, on March 17th.

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Have you picked up a copy of South Park’s 13th season DVD? Do you think this deleted clip is that explicit?