After almost three decades of “At The Movies,” the film critic show which introduced the ‘thumbs up’ genius of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, has announced that the show will cease to exist. However, the infamous Ebert and his wife, have plans to produce a new (and improved) movie review television show titled “Roger Ebert presents At The Movies.”

Ebert announced the news of a new show on his Chicago Sun-Times blog yesterday. He writes that he’s already chosen the lucky host for the show after he and his wife met with candidates two weeks ago in Los Angeles. He also writes that he will make occasional appearances on the show, but not anything too serious:

I’m not foolish enough to believe any form of back-and-forth debate is possible, but I could do Great Movies segments, or a wrap-up from Cannes or Toronto.

The cancellation of “At The Movies” didn’t discourage Ebert one bit, although he admits to being ‘sad’ when he got the phone call from Disney executives of the show’s end. But Ebert has new, and like I wrote earlier, improved plans for his new show:

We’ll also go New Cinema. Not just the One Weekend Wonders, although you gotta have ‘em, but indie films, foreign films, documentaries, restored classics, the new Herzog, the new Bahrani, the new Almodovar. What’s new on Instant Streaming. What great movies should everyone see? Hey, Paramount just announced $1 million for ten $100,000 movies. Those kinds of films. What kind of a real movie lover cares who has the “exclusive” first trailer in the newest extrusion of the “Transformer” franchise? It’s time to smarten up.

I agree with Ebert, it is time to smarten up. Ebert will be going all out by making the show’s presence strong on the web — cell-phone apps, twitter, facebook, and the whole affair.

It’s great to see Ebert doing what he loves to do still after everything he’s been through. As for us, we can’t wait to see (and hear) honest and intelligent opinions about film.

Excited to see Ebert launch a movie review show?