The full trailer for the new Australian film, Animal Kingdom: A Crime Story, has been released in its native country and is quickly trickling over. The U.S. trailer should be released sometime in the near future. Until then, this trailer should peak your interest in seeing the film. The film is the directorial debut from, David Michôd, starring James Frencheville, Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton, Luke Ford, and Jacki Weaver.

The trailer looks promising. The music and the overall look is beautiful and something about it was refreshingly different from many of the other films hitting theaters. The plot of the movie isn’t spelled out for you in the trailer, but one still gets a sense of intensity of the film. That coupled with the review we have the film from this year’s Sundance, which stated “Animal Kingdom is a truly great film.  Wrenching and tragic, this film takes the crime drama away from the crime itself and into the heart of the dynamics of families,” makes this kind of a must see…

Official synopsis:

Pope Cody (Mendelsohn), an armed robber on the run from a gang of renegade detectives, is in hiding, surrounded by his roughneck friends and family. Soon, Pope’s nephew, Joshua “J” Cody (Frecheville), arrives and moves in with his hitherto-estranged relatives. When tensions between the family and the police reach a bloody peak, “J” finds himself at the center of a cold-blooded revenge plot that turns the family upside down.

Animal Kingdom has yet to receive a release date for the U.S. It will come out in Australia on June 3, 2010.

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What do you think of the trailer?

Source: SlashFilm