After nearly a decade since Shrek won over our hearts with his unapologetic disgusting behavior, the final chapter is almost here. And due to the business of film, this means more advertising — but don’t worry it’s not bad at all. We have four new posters featuring most of the Shrek Forever After cast.

My favorite, hands down, is the ginger-bread man poster. He is so adorable. He’s up in mid-air slaying animal cookies dressed in tribal attire with a face that says, “Don’t mess with me!” Puss flaunts his big belly (with no shame), Fiona leads an army, and donkey, well he’s just ‘donkey.’ Each poster has a slogan which makes them the very more hilarious and entertaining. Puss’ reads “Feed Me! If you dare!” Which, if you’ve seen the teaser poster and trailer, you have to find hilarious.

The last chapter is about a tired Shrek who makes a deal with the Devil (Rumpelstiltskin). He wants the chance to experience his life as a single, wild ogre again. But of course, things go awry and everything changes for the worse.

Shrek Forever After hits theaters May 21, 2010.

What do you think of the latest posters?