In the second of today’s completely-irrelevant-and-more-than-a-little-annoying celebrity feud news stories (the first is here, and note that we’re using the word celebrity very loosely here), CNBC broadcast a snippy back and forth slapfight between Lionsgate studio vice president Michael Burns and shareholder Carl Ichan, the man who Deadline Hollywood is reporting is “attempting a $575 million buyout offer” of the movie studio.

The two men both called in live to CNBC to take potshots at one another, producing a back and forth volley of insults and denigrations that were, well, really, really boring to anyone who doesn’t wake up clutching a copy of Variety.

Essentially, Ichan called Lionsgate out on its recent “money-losing movies” (ZING!) which led him to lament of the studio, “it’s going down a toboggan slide…” (KA-POW!).

Burns then called in to refute such claims, and defend “the studio’s poison pill,” as Deadline Hollywood put it.

“This is not a typical pill. If Carl ends up with 50% of the stock that he doesn’t already own, the pill goes away.”


Be sure to tune in later today for the thrilling conclusion of this tawdry tale of backroom deals, corporate mudslinging, and Hollywood dirt—same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Check out the video for yourself…

What do think of this tug-of-war for Lionsgate?