Normally we do a video of the day, but today was a little bit harder. There were too many options to choose from, so we simply have a roundup post with a bunch of funny videos and a couple random things we found on the internet. It should kill at least twenty minuets while you are working (not that we encourage that sort of thing — but we do).

Check out the stories and a few videos after the jump…

Unreality Magazine found 15 videos with the cast of The Office before they became the lovable characters at Dunder Mifflin. There are definitely a few gems on this one. The greatest has to be Steve Carell back in the day on The Daily Show with Steven Colbert. They just work so well together. Also, who knew Andy could play the banjo so well? You can check out all the videos at [Unreality Magazine] and Steve Carell below…

Sue, also known as Jane Lynch, from Glee discusses what she hates the most, sneaky gays… [Buzz Feed]

Here is a clip from Downfall reworked to show Hitler’s reaction that the Republicans are officially out of ideas. Thank goodness for those bored enough to come up with this stuff.  [Buzz Feed]

This one is a little bit off in left field. During ScreenCrave’s recent visit to this year’s ShoWest, there was a test test of all the weird creations from Coca-Cola. You can mix anything you want together! Vanilla, Coco-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Lime, Root Beer, anything! It was a little kid’s dream. It reminds me of the days where I would mix all the flavors of soda together.

And if you’re still bored, here is a pictorial editorial of the reasons Conan O’Brien should not move to Fox. [Buzz Feed]