It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to announce the winner of the Greenberg soundtrack and iPod Shuffle giveaway! Greenberg is the latest film directed by Noah Baumbach and stars Ben Stiller, Rhys Ifans, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The soundtrack has songs by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, among other artists, and it’s filled with plenty of acclaimed tunes. To enter, all you had to do was leave a comment telling us about your favorite movie that Baumbach’s directed.

Now that we’re done with the formalities lets get to the good stuff. Here’s the winner…

Congratulations to:

  • Winner – Derek Johnson: “The Squid and the Whale is my favorite because it was the first Noah Baumbach movie I ever saw. I was a real epiphany for me as my eyes were opened to similar movies, the studios that support them and theaters here in North Carolina that play them. Also, my parents divorced during a similar time period and my sister and I were split on who’s “side” we took.”

The winner will receive an e-mail shortly. Please respond to it ASAP so we can get your prize in the mail. If you don’t respond within a week, the soundtrack and the iPod Shuffle will be given to another contestant.

Thank you to all who entered! Be sure to check back often for more cool giveaways, movie reviews, interviews, and news. Remember you can get ScreenCrave updates by becoming a fan on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.

If you missed out on this one, we still have another giveaway open with a chance to win a slew of goodies for the upcoming, Clash of the Titans.

Greenberg hits theaters in limited release on Friday, March 26.