Veteran actor Dennis Hopper has been in seclusion for the past few months dealing with his declining health. He’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which is currently in the advance stages, yet according to a report from ABC News he can no longer undergo treatment for it.

According to the site, Hopper is too ill to continue on with any type of chemotherapy, which is the traditional method doctors use to combat cancerous cells. The actor’s attorney Joe Mannis recently submitted several legal documents to the court on Hopper’s behalf stating that he wouldn’t be able to attend a deposition scheduled to take place Thursday. He is currently in the midst of divorcing his wife, but unable to go through with the legal proceedings due to his health.

Hopper has been described as “extremely weak” and “unable to talk for more than a few minutes at a time because he’s not able to concentrate and tires quickly. In the midst of his health crisis it’s been recently announced that a Walk of Fame ceremony will be held in his honor tomorrow at 6712 on Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood, CA)  starting at 11:30am.

Hopper’s career spans over 50 years and includes memorable performances in film such as Easy Rider, Hoosiers, Speed and Apocalypse Now. In his earlier years he got to work opposite James Dean in not one, but two films, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. Does it piss anyone else off that he is just NOW getting a star on the Walk of Fame? Yet, Britney Spears and Ryan Seacrest both have had theirs for years? Where are your priorities Hollywood?

What is your favorite Dennis Hopper film? Were you aware of his condition?