Ever since we discovered that Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams would be returning for another Mission Impossible sequel, the question has been will Abrams just produce or also direct? I guess helming duties for the movie don’t fit in with his current schedule because according to a report from THR, Brad Bird in currently in negotiations to direct the fourth flick.

Paramount has already set the release date for Mission Impossible 4 for May 27, 2011. Production is scheduled to begin this summer and with spring on the horizon this would be the prime time to hire a director, enter Brad Bird. According to the trade, he’s emerged as a surprise candidate to take over the reigns from Abrams amongst others like Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer and Scott Pilgrim vs The World’s Edgar Wright.

Bird’s previous films included The Incredibles and Ratatouille, which seem like an odd resume for someone taking over a franchise such as this. Apparently he’s ready to find a live action vehicle to tackle similar to how Wall-E’s Andrew Stanton hopped on John Carter of Mars.

I am in no way, shape of form against Bird doing this film. I can understand him wanting to expand his horizons career-wise but this is a big project to tackle. At least for Stanton, John Carter will have elements of CGI animation in it. Bird would be going balls to the wall with explosions, and Tom Cruise dangling from wires. He hasn’t been hired just yet, but it sounds like he’s a front runner and a real possibility.

What do you think about Brad Bird possibly directing MI:4? Do you think he’s the right choice? Who should they pick?