Martin Campbell is trying to create a high caliber comic book movie with his latest casting for the Green Lantern. According to a report from THR, Oscar nominated actress Angela Bassett is one of the newest additions to be added to his all star ensemble which is being led by Ryan Reynolds.

According to the trade, Bassett will play Amanda Waller a tough as nails “government agent who in comics lore became charged with overseeing the Suicide Squad, a government-run group of captured supervillains performing tasks in exchange for eventual freedom.” The character also makes appearances on the animated “Justice League” series where she’s voiced by CCH Pounder (who appeared in Avatar) and on The CW’s “Smallville” where’s she’s played by Pam Grier.

Bassett is one of my favorite actors, and when I was a kid she was the one woman I pegged to play Storm in the live action X-Men movies. If I couldn’t get her there I guess I’ll take her as Waller instead. One thing die hard fan boys might have a problem with is her build. The character is short and stocky, very Nell Carter-like and Bassett is tall and lean, which is something I can get over. She can still kick-ass with the best of them, have you seen her arms? Talk about welcome to the gun show!

Lantern is currently in production down in New Orleans with a cast that includes, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, Mark Strong, and Blake Lively.

What do you think of Bassett being cast as Waller? Do you think she’s a good choice? Who would you have cast in the role?