Hollywood has been basking in the success of several 3D films with the most recent being Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The majority of the tentpole projects being released by studios this year and the next will be shot in or converted into the format. As if your ticket for Avatar and Alice wasn’t high enough, a new price increase for 3D films will be implemented in major markets starting this Friday (March 26th).

According to a report in The Wall Steet Journal, several of the major movie chains are looking to capitalize on Hollywood’s 3D obsession by upping their ticket prices. If your local theater is owned by exhibitors like the Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Holdings Inc. or  AMC Entertainment Inc. you can expect a change in your 3D tickets tomorrow.

This weekend the major 3D draw will be the DreamWorks animated feature, How to Train Your Dragon, and the following week Warner Bros’ Clash of the Titans. Two films I actually recommend seeing in the format (such a catch-22!). Ticket prices will vary from theater to theater, but in one case there could be an increase of up to 26%.

This really is a sign of the times, and I’m not shocked by this decision one bit. Exhibitors aren’t just going to sit back and watch the studios rake in the dough, without them getting a bigger piece of the pie. Too bad the real victims in all of this are the consumers. Do you give in and pay for the 3D or do you tell the theaters to F-off and watch the 2D versions to spite them?

What do you think about the increase in 3D ticket sales? Are you willing to pay more?