Super producer Jerry Bruckheimer opened up in a recent interview about the status of his upcoming Lone Ranger adaptation. We know that the title character has yet to be cast but his sidekick Tonto will more than likely be played by Johnny Depp, which is great but what about the story? And how are they going to find an actor who can play the lead opposite Depp without fading into the background?  Bruckheimer shed some light on these questions and more…

Bruckheimer sat down with the folks over at MTV, and expressed how excited he is that Johnny Depp is interested in playing Tonto in the film. It’s a big deal considering the man’s schedule is always packed, especially with another Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the horizon (no pun intended). Regarding Ranger, the producer stated, “hopefully [we] will get done in the next year or so. We’re still working on the screenplay.” He went on to speak about the central plot of the film, which more than likely will be an origin story.

“This is the origin of Lone Ranger,” he said, “so you’re gonna see how the Lone Ranger became the Lone Ranger. He was a Texas Ranger, and how he became the Lone Ranger.”

The one thing that’s been on all of our minds is who will actually play The Lone Ranger? If Depp is the sidekick than the actor chosen for the lead has to have one hell of a screen presence. Bruckheimer did admit that the casting for the character is still ongoing, and he does realize it will be a hard choice to make.

“We don’t know that yet, that’s what we’re working on,” Bruckheimer explained. “Just trying to figure that all out. You find the right actor, and you’ll make it work no matter what their age.” He’s clear on what he’s looking for though, and confident about casting the right person. “A great actor who’s handsome and charismatic, which we’ll find.”

Hollywood is a town filled with pretty people, but finding an actor whose talent won’t be dwarfed by Depp will be a hard find. I’m not sure who can pull this off.

Who do you think they should cast as The Lone Ranger?