Guillermo del Toro is the man who will usher in another series of Middle Earth stories with his adaptation of The Hobbit. The film that has been in development for years has finally picked up some speed and should go into production soon. According to an interview with the art designer Richard Taylor, del Toro was given the directing reigns because producer Peter Jackson believed that he could add something new to the series that would put a fresh spin on the tale.

According to the Associated Press, long time Jackson collaborator Taylor feels that del Toro will be able to take The Hobbit into a visual direction specific to his style. He stated that Jackson, probably spent so much time in Middle Earth that he “felt a director such as Guillermo could bring something passionate and unique and original and new to the content for the sake of the fans.”

He went on to say that he and the designers from the Weta Workshop are eagerly awaiting to start working on the film, but they’re not sure when it will begin. Even though this movie will be directed through a pair of fresh eyes, Taylor revealed that the look of the characters in The Hobbit will stick closely to what we’ve seen in the Lord of the Rings series.

So now we wait. Like everyone else in the world we have to wait and see what del Toro will do with the locations, the story, and most importantly the precious Bilbo Baggins!

Do you think del Toro will add a different visual style to The Hobbit? Will his aesthetic help or hinder the film?