Just last week it was revealed that HBO will bring back our favorite vampire series “True Blood” this summer. A new promo video has been released and it highlights none other than the resident bad boy Eric Northman as played by Alexander Skarsgard. It’s a behind the scenes clip that shows Eric getting in the thick of it with some other vamps!

“True Blood” will return to the small screen on June 13th, but until then HBO has released a jewel for us to drool over until that day comes. The network has come up with a marketing strategy that includes the premiere of a behind the scenes clip every Sunday after the airing of the encore episodes from season 2. In this latest video, Eric looks like he’s in the fight of his life. He’s bloody and beaten but still talking sh*t like only he can.

I’m not sure what the scene is about but it doesn’t look good. Somebody want’s Eric dead(er) and he wants to know why. The clip is only 17 seconds but that’s better than nothing.

Check out our favorite Scandinavian warrior go toe to toe with some intruders below…

What do you think is happening in this scene? Who’s coming after Eric?