If you were a child of the eighties, more than likely you grew up watching the 1984 version of The Karate Kid. And if you were dedicated, you followed up with the two sequels, and if you were REALLY dedicated you watched the early nineties version with Hilary Swank.

With the exception of the last one, Ralph Macchio was the actor who brought us Daniel LaRusso, the title character in the original series. With a remake being released this summer, the actor has spoken out about his reaction to the film and whether or not he was open to doing a cameo.

In the beginning, Macchio like most of the general population was against the new movie all together. The remake will take place in China and has 11 year old Jaden Smith as the new martial arts novice. The actor revealed in a recent interview that his anger turned to excitement and the idea of the new film eventually grew on him. Even though he made peace with the remake, he still wanted to keep his involvement to a minimum.

This means that he won’t be making a cameo in the movie or be seen lurking in the shadows as an homage to his former role.

“I have less of a desire to be in it or do a cameo because no one wants to see Daniel LaRusso in his forties. It would be like robbing the Karate Kid fans of their youth for me to be in it so I think it’s best to keep it separate. I’m excited to see it but it is odd because I have been carrying this name and this character for 26 years. But Will has totally re-imagined the story. I think they have been wise to do something different.”

It’s hard to believe that the original Karate Kid came out that long ago. But he’s right about one thing, seeing a middle aged version of Daniel might terrify some people who still envision him as the scrawny kid from their childhood. This is a different kind of an animal and from what we’ve been hearing about the ShoWest premiere this movie is one to watch.

Are you upset that Macchio won’t appear in the film? Do you plan on seeing the remake?

Source: Hollywood.com