Broadcast television seems to be the next logical career move if you’re a veteran actor in Hollywood. In recent years several actors and actresses have taken the plunge to the small screen to headline their own shows with the latest being Oscar winner Kevin Kline. According to THR, the actor will tackle an hour long drama for the HBO cable network.

According to the trade, Kline will not only star but he’ll also executive produce a series penned by screenwriter David Auburn. The drama will center on a prominent doctor who must start over after being released from a “15-year prison sentence for murdering his mistress.” The series and role must offer the actor some new challenges because he’s constantly being offered shows and he consistently turns them down.

Kevin Kline is actually one of my favorite actors and definitely one of the most underrated. I hope this series will bring his talent to a new generation of fans who might not be familiar with his body of work. He can do both drama and comedy with transitional ease. Since this show will be on HBO, he will have a lot more creative freedom than what would be allowed on broadcast television. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

What do you think about Kevin Kline taking on a starring role in an HBO series? Are you interested in seeing him tackle television?