Greg Kinnear is having a busy week. The actor has a movie coming out called The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and now he’s been cast alongside an Oscar winning actress for his next film. According to Puggal, Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly will star in Salvation Boulevard, the latest flick from director George Ratliff.

Salvation Boulevard is based on the book written by Larry Beinhart and centers on “a hippie who runs from the fundamentalist members of his mega-church who are determined to do anything in an order to protect their larger-than-life pastor.” Joining Kinnear and Connelly are Pierce Brosnan, Jim Gaffigan and Ed Harris. We’re also hearing that the producers are looking to cast another Oscar winning actress in the form of Marissa Tomei.

Brosnan is set to play the lead role, and the other actors will be supporting characters. The theme of the movie will be along the lines of Wag the Dog, the political satire turned black comedy released in 1997. The cast that’s currently on board have the chops to pull off a film of that quality, it’s just up to whoever writes the screenplay to execute a good story.

What do you think of the cast for Salvation Boulevard? Do you think the film can be as good as Wag The Dog?