Next week Greg Kinnear will tackle the role of an absentee father to “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation, The Last Song. The actor has played his fair share of dramatic and comedic roles in the past, but with this one he didn’t want to be the bad guy.

When discussing his character Steve Miller, in The Last Song, Kinnear admits he had some reservations about how audiences would perceive him.

I was afraid that I was going to look like the guy who cut out on the family living in a palopa listening to Jimmy Buffett songs. ‘Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to the island! It’s great you stopped by. ‘It was all very subtle but just trying to establish that they had a relationship, and there had been problems on both sides, and that’s what caused this rift. That’s what happens sometimes and that was OK, there were no villains in the movie.

I guess, after his darker role in Green Zone he wanted a break from the title of “evil doer.” He does have a point regarding the portrayal of divorced parents in teen centric films. For the most part the dad is often seen as the philanderer or the parent who doesn’t want to have any responsibility. In The Last Song, that’s not the case and when you watch the movie you’ll see what Kinnear’s character is really all about.

The Last Song hits theaters on March 31st.

Are you excited to see the film? Do you think Kinnear and Cyrus will have good father daughter chemistry?