Ever since Conan O’Brien left his home at NBC, he’s been rumored to be in talks with the Fox network for a new project. Of course we all know this could mean a new talk show for the former host, but apparently there’s something else on the horizon. Reports have surfaced stating that O’Brien might be in negotiations to join “American Idol.”

Before you get too up in arms about this, let me give you a breakdown of what’s going on. The network and the star have been in talks regarding a new late night program for him to host. Amidst that, the producers over at “American Idol” approached O’Brien about taking part in their special, “Idol Gives Back,” which will air on April 21st.

On the surface this sounds like a great way to support a good cause and introduce O’Brien as a new face on Fox, but there’s a problem. His contract with NBC states that he can’t appear on television until May 1st, and he won’t be free to launch a new show whether its with Fox or anyone else until September.

We’re not sure how this “American Idol” thing is going to turn out. Even though it’s for a good cause, it would be in breach of his contract if he appeared on the show. Damn these corporate legalities! No official statement has been made from either party so we’ll see what happens.

Would you watch O’Brien, if he hosted a new show on Fox? Do you think NBC should allow him to participate in Idol Gives Back?

Source: New York Daily News