Calling all movie lovers!! It is that time of week again when we give you the best deals on DVD’s and Blu-RAY that are on the internet. No more searching for the perfect price or paying too much for a movie you can buy for a bargain. We have a variety of choices for you from the old school classics to the more recent hits.

Take a look at some of the cheap DVD’s and Blu-Ray available on Amazon:

Under $10

Pick of the Week: While You Were Sleeping –

This is a tribute to Best Actress winner who has been entertaining us with her big smile and beautiful charm for years. Sandra Bullock has made hit after hit (and a few misses as well… it’s hard to shake off All About Steve) and While You Were Sleeping was one of the feel good films where she really showed America her girl next door appeal. The Jon Turteltaub film starring Bullock and Bill Pullman was about a woman who saved the life of her dream guy and then pretended to be his fiance while he was in a coma. The storyline is crazy but it works.

$10 +

Pick of the Week: Slumdog Millionaire

What’s up with all the Oscar winners this week? It’s technically not the best Danny Boyle film, but it’s absolutely amazing, and any movie Boyle does it worth $13.49.


Pick of the Week: Face/Off -

John Travolta! Nicholas Cage! This duo may worry you now, but these two actors gave one of their better performances in the John Woo film Face/Off. This action drama follows FBI agent Sean Archer ( Travolta) who goes through a revolutionary medical technique to take the physical appearance of Castor Troy (Cage), a major criminal whom Archer believes is responsible for his son’s death. A must see if you have not already done so.

Which movie from this weeks list is your favorite?