Bleach is one of the best mangas turned animes ever produced so why must Hollywood ruin it with a live action adaptation? According to THR, the WB has its eye on the popular series and they plan on bringing it to the big screen. The studio is already preparing for their adaptation for Akira, they’re in negotiations to find a director for Bleach, and you’ll never guess who they want to produce.

According to the trade, the studio is in talks with Get Smart director Peter Segal to produce a live action version of Bleach. Does his long career as a comic director scream heavy action-based anime? The story of Bleach centers on a “15-year-old boy who has the ability to see ghosts and meets a female Soul Reaper, a member of an order that escorts the souls of the dead. A fight with an evil spirit causes the Reaper to transfer all her power to the boy, leaving her stranded in the human world and the boy taking over her job as a fighter of evil.”

The manga was written and drawn by Tite Kubo, and was first published in 2001. Since then its earned a religious cult following as well as a television series, and countless fans around the world. There are so many chapters in the Bleach series that it’s hard to imagine where the movie will pick up. The trade claims that Segal is looking to take a darker more serious turn in his career, and that’s why Bleach has struck a cord with him. This can not and will not end well.

Do you think Warner Bros. will do a decent adaptation of Bleach? Are you confident in Segal producing the film?