The cast of the Greek epic War of the God’s just got a lot bigger. According to Variety, Twilight Saga star Kellan Lutz has just landed a plum role in the film. The movie’s cast already includes Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, “The Tudors” star Henry Cavill, and Slumdog Millionaire actress Frieda Pinto. You won’t believe the character the former teen vampire will play…

In War of the Gods, the plot centers on a young warrior named Theseus who leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat the evil and powerful elder gods of the Titans in order to save mankind. Rourke will star as the film’s villain King Hyperion, while Pinto will play Phaedra, an oracle priestess who aids the young warrior on his quest. Where does Lutz fit into all of this? At the bottom of the sea that’s where!

According to the trade, the actor has landed the role of Poseidon, god of the sea. The Greek god has been portrayed on television and film for years, and he will now have the face and body of the jock vampire from Twilight (sigh). This is interesting news considering the next incarnation of Poseidon will appear in the form of Danny Huston in Clash of the Titans. What a leap from point A to point Z.

As a fan of Greek mythology, Lutz doesn’t have the traditional look the god is known for. Physically he’s set, but he’s too young for my taste. I need someone at least in their mid-thirties in order for me to take this more seriously.

War of the Gods will be directed by Tarsem Singh.

What do you think of KellanLutz being cast as the god of the sea  in War of the Gods?