Oscar winner Sissy Spacek has been bitten by the television bug and taken a role as the lead character in a new CBS drama. According to THR, the actress will star in a medical based show that will be produced by John Wells and Warner Bros. This will mark her first TV gig as a series regular.

Sally Field did it, so did Glen Close and Holly Hunter, and now another award winning actress has decided to headline her own TV series. In the case of Spacek, the character she plays was originally written with a man in mind, but when someone of her stature comes along you make the necessary changes. The show will center on “a mobile team of volunteer doctors led by a driven visionary (Spacek) that travels the world and the U.S. helping those in need.”

Spacek’s character works around the clock, and expects her team to do the same. Another interesting twist is her own cancer diagnosis, which requires agonizing chemo treatments at regular intervals, as well as her physician daughter’s (Rachelle Lefevre) decision to join the team. Her character’s name was originally Adrian, but it’s been changed to Adrianne.

Personally, I think it will be great to see another strong female character on TV.  There’s been a huge surge of them lately and I hope the trend continues. It’s also good that LeFevre has landed another gig outside of Twilight since she won’t be appearing in the last films in the series as Victoria. She’s a great match for Spacek, because they share similar physical features, and you can definitely buy them as mother and daughter.

What do you think about the mother daughter team of Spacek and Lefevre?