Liam Hemsworth might not be a big name now but he will be after the release of this month’s The Last Song. The actor plays the love interest of Miley Cyrus in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation, but he’s not all about playing a romantic lead. He was set to co-star in Sylvester Stallone’s testosterone driven action flick The Expendables, alongside some of the roughest, toughest men in the industry.

If you’ve been following the developments behind Stallone’s latest movie, you know it features a who’s who of action legends. Stallone acts and stars in the film along with Jason Statham, Jet Li, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke. That should sound insane by itself but according to 3Kimt, there was more where that came from.

Hemsworth was also supposed to co-star in The Expendables but unfortunately he never made it into the movie.

“I was at my friend’s house and I got a phone call from my Australian agent who had sent my tape in a few days before and he said, ‘Stallone is going to call you in a few days,’ and I went back into my buddy’s house and said, ‘Rocky’s gonna give me a call, no big deal.’”He called a few days later and it was weird speaking to him on the phone in my house, while I am looking at his DVDs of Rocky and Rambo on the shelf.”

Hemsworth was just one of six actors cut from the film, including the late Brittany Murphy. I’m not surprised that Stallone edited down the material. There’s already a lot going on without extra scenes and characters that don’t really serve the story. Unless Hemsworth was set to be a random body getting blown to bits, I’m not sure what role he could have played.

Would you have liked to see Hemsworth in The Expendables? What do you think his role was in the film?