reports that the FOX network denies that it is currently in talks with Music Theatre International— an agency which “licenses performance rights of Broadway titles”—concerning a possible stage adaptation of the hit TV show Glee, despite the fact that MTI claims that the FOX network is… currently in talks with Music Theatre International concerning a possible stage adaptation of the hit TV show Glee (why do they make me repeat myself?).

MTI chairman Freddie Gershon has confirmed both to and Variety that a Glee deal is “in negotiations… We just think it’s a natural.”

However, Chris Alexander, a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox TV claims that FOX is “mystified” as to why MTI would state that there has been “any discussion” concerning a Broadway adaptation of the popular television show, which follows the trials and tribulations of ‘New Directions,’ a fictional high school glee club.  Besides, everyone totally knows that FOX would never get with MTI, who is nice and all, but kind of nerdy and a little too sensitive, especially when there’s always a chance that 20th Century Fox Film might call later tonight with a feature-length development deal.  Totes.

What does this all mean?  Essentially, if your idea of a hot night on Broadway includes seeing a troupe of twenty-somethings playing teenagers performing an admittedly kind of cool a cappella version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” this just isn’t your week.  Everyone else, you should be fine.

What do you think?  Should Glee head to Broadway?