Today we had the opportunity to attend the LA based press conference for next month’s mega epic, Clash of the Titans. The film is a remake of the early eighties movie and will feature Sam Worthington as the main character, Perseus. While discussing his latest project the Australian actor was asked about a couple of his future films including the drama, The Texas Killing Fields and of course…Avatar 2!

When it comes to the sequel to James Cameron’s box office giant Avatar, Worthington did confirm that there have been talks between him and the director. We’ve heard rumors regarding the possible story for the movie and where it will take place, but according to the actor creating a worthy follow up will depend on whether or not Cameron can once again challenge himself to do something different.

We have discussed Avatar 2. He [Cameron] had brought up ideas even when we were filming it. He would have ideas that would relate to what we were filming in the first one. Obviously, we’re not going to go into that until Jim finds himself a challenge. He’s not the type of man who just goes into movies lightly, he’s not just going to do a sequel to make money. But also, we know that it’s been embraced by audiences so we know we’re definitely probably going to undertake another one. But it’s up to Jim to find the challenge to push himself. Avatar 2 has to push the boundaries like Avatar 1 did.

From the world of fantasy to reality, Worthington also discussed the upcoming drama, The Texas Killing Fields. It’s a hardcore tale about several murders that actually happened in the South, which will require him to take on his own type of challenge as an actor.

In Texas Fields I play a cop that’s inspired by real events [and it's] about murders that went down in Texas City. I play a guy who was a real cop, it’s like an amalgamation of stories but it’s inspired by these horrific events that happened down there.

He went on to say that after he wraps up his press tour on Clash of the Titans he’ll start production on The Texas Killing Fields. It sounds like the actor will once again have another solid two years of work on his hands, and this isn’t even including the Dracula: Year Zero film he’s been attached to!

Do you think James Cameron will be able find a way to top the original Avatar? What can he do that hasn’t already been done?

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