One of the highlights to come out of the Warner Bros panel was the screening of new footage from Christopher Nolan’s top secret film, Inception. For the past year we’ve been in the dark as to what the movie is really about and even after its first trailer was released we still had no clue. The question is, did ShoWest give us something to grasp onto that might give us an idea of what Nolan has in store?

Over at Latino Review, they were lucky enough to get a first hand account of one of Warner Bros’ most anticipated projects, but from what we’re hearing nothing was clearly revealed. Yet, there were plenty of new shots that aren’t present in either of the trailers that features Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Story wise, it looks like DiCaprio’s character has the ability to enter people dreams, and with that power he tries to solve OR prevent crimes. One of his dreamworld visits might be responsible for the scene that features a city being submerged in water and buildings toppling over. Here’s the rundown of what was shown…

Leonardo and Ellen Page walking down a long hallway.
Another scene that looked like something out of a Modern Warfare game. Guys dressed in white military outfits battling on a snow capped mountaintop. One scene showed Ken in military gear tossing a grenade through a window.
Another scene with Leo in a car filled with water.

Are you still lost? So am I. This might be the one film that’s released this year that actually keeps us on edge. Is there anything Christopher Nolan can’t do?

What do you think the plot to Inception is? Did you attend the ShoWest screening?