Was there a memo sent out today regarding cult eighties movies that someone forgot to pass my way? First, we hear about Jennifer Lopez starring in a remake of Overboard and now this?! We’re traveling into the genre of comedy/horror with a revamp (pun intended) of The Monster Squad.

Rob Cohen, who served as a producer on the original film wants to direct the remake with Paramount backing him as the major distributor. Just in case you haven’t seen the original, The Monster Squad deals with a group of youngsters who worship the classic movie monsters of the 30′s and 40′s.

But fantasy crosses reality when they discover that Dracula’s in their town with Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Gill Man and The Mummy! The kids have to refocus their attention from being fanboys to defenders of the world so they can prevent the monsters from getting a hold of an amulet that will give the creatures unlimited power.

Cohen will also co-produce the movie alongside Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form (all from Platinum Dunes — the trio’s next film is a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street set to hit theaters April 30th) for Paramount. There are no writers on board yet, but the crew is looking. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Hollywood screenwriters refused to work on remakes? That’ll be the day, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon. They have to eat and pay bills like everybody else.

Did you see the original Monster Squad movie? Were you a fan? What do you think of them doing a remake?

via Deadline