Warner Bros’ remake of Clash of the Titans is scheduled to hit theaters on April 2nd, and like most tentpole films this year, it will be in 3D. Over at MySpace, an exclusive clip from the movie that’s a reboot of the 1981 cult classic has debuted. Sam Worthington is the lead character in the film and he’s also the main person featured in this video…

In Clash, Worthington plays the bastard son of Zeus who gets caught in a power struggle between the gods. Hades is the film’s villain, the vengeful god of the Underworld, and a brave Perseus volunteers to take him down when his family falls victim to his merciless hand. From that point on he makes it his life’s mission to keep him from gaining Zeus’s power and unleashing hell on earth.

In this newly released clip, Perseus approaches a cave to gain info on how he can defeat and kill the Kraken. While watching the video all I could think about was how awesome the set design is. It looks pretty legit, and it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to the original film’s because that was campy in every sense of the word. Also, after hearing Worthington spout some Perseus dialogue he doesn’t seem like a bad fit. Good job!

Watch the clip for yourself here…

Clash of the Titans Exclusive Clip

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

What do you think about Worthington as Perseus?