If there’s a person out there who’s been a victim of some kind of adversity and has persevered, Hollywood will find a way to make a movie off of them. According to THR, a writer and producers have been hired to take on the life story of Cesar Chavez the civil-rights activist and labor organizer.

According to the trade, screenwriter Keir Pearson will pen the screenplay for the film adaptation that will be produced for Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna’s Mexico-based Canana Films (do those two have to do everything together?). They acquired the rights to Chavez’ life story from the Cesar Chavez Foundation where negotiations were handled by Chavez’s son, Paul.

Chavez passed away in 1993 but the decades prior to that he worked religiously as an advocate for California farm workers. “The Mexican-American co-founded the National Farm Workers Assn., which later became the United Farm Workers union, and campaigned to prevent illegal immigration from undermining unionization efforts.”

We can assume that Chavez’ story is in good hands, because Pearson is the Oscar nominated screenwriter behind 2004′s Hotel Rwanda along with the film’s director Terry George. I don’t have any concerns regarding the script or the producers, my eye is on who they’ll get to play the title character. Off the top of my head there’s no one person who screams Cesar Chavez in my mind.

Who do you think could play Cesar Chavez in this biopic?