Every once in a while YouTube produces some jewels from unknown talent and thanks to a tip from one of our readers (Colin), I’ve come across this awesome video that includes a medley of TV theme songs and openings by Two Fredriks. Not sure if it’s one guy who doubled himself or a set of twins but either way he/they do a great job. You can hear everything from “The Simpsons” and “Two and A Half Men” to “Scrubs,” “Firefly” “The Office,” “Charles in Charge,” and of course “Friends.” Check it out…

I for one have always been a fan of TV opening themes, and this video was really music to my ears. It includes plenty of shows from my childhood as well as some before my time, and they’re all dead on renditions. The only thing that could have made this arrangement a little better is if the theme from “X-Men The Animated Series” was included, but that’s more of a kids show and this group is filled with adult comedies and dramas.

Here’s the full list of songs listed and the minute marks they appear at during the video…

  • 0:01 “Two and a Half Men”
  • 0:22 “The Simpsons”
  • 0:36 “The O.C.”
  • 1:00 “Naruto”
  • 1:11 “Family Guy”
  • 1:41 “Married with Children”
  • 1:57 “Cheers”
  • 2:16 “That 70′s Show”
  • 2:41 “Big Love
  • 2:58 “Freaks and Geeks”
  • 3:18 “Malcolm in the Middle”
  • 3:35 “The X-Files”
  • 3:55 “Firefly”
  • 4:09 “The Office”
  • 4:24 “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
  • 4:44 “Scrubs”
  • 4:54 “True Blood
  • 5:27 “Charles in Charge”
  • 5:38 “The Big Bang Theory
  • 5:55 “How I Met Your Mother
  • 6:05 “Mission Impossible”
  • 6:14 “Friends”

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What do you think of this TV theme rendition? Which song is your favorite?