In their latest romantic comedy The Bounty Hunter, Jennifer Aniston is lovely and Gerald Butler is an immature 12-year-old trapped in the body of a middle-aged man. Aniston is one of the ladies in Hollywood who’s taken up more rom-coms than anyone else, while Butler is slowly dipping his feet into the genre — he’s already got two under his belt (P.S. I Love You and The Ugly Truth). Now the duo joins director Andy Tennant, who like Aniston, has plenty of experience in the realm of unconventional love backed by hilarious circumstances.

Find out if these veterans made a film worth watching…

The Players:

The Plot:

Milo Boyd (Butler), a former cop turned bounty hunter is given the ‘gig’ of his dreams when he’s assigned to hunt down his ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurley (Aniston), after she skips court to work on a story. After very few attempts, Milo catches his ex-wife (mind you she does try to escape by running away in heels) only to find himself involved in some of her risky business. The two try to sabotage each other throughout until they find themselves on the run for their lives.

The Good:

  • Music: The music made this romantic thriller a bit enjoyable. There’s a wide variety of tunes in this film from Cage the Elephant to Ke$ha to Jerry Reed — whose song “She Got The Gold Mine (I Got The Shaft)” completely blew my mind.
  • Set Design: From the hotels to Nicole’s apartment, everything was so pleasing to look at. There was attractive wallpaper, pretty flowers, and extremely nice bedding. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the set design the first time around, but in the case of The Bounty Hunter, observing the set was more interesting than observing the characters.
  • Supporting Actors: Jason Sudeikis plays an annoying yet likable character as Aniston’s co-worker Stewart, who happens to worship the ground she walks on. Despite the part he’s given, he manages to make you crack a smile. Peter Greene also gives a solid performance as Mahler (the bad guy). Ever since Pulp Fiction and The Mask, Greene has been acing the villain role, and this time he does it again.

The Bad:

  • Story: The story is very unoriginal — but then again, what can you expect from the guy who directed both Sweet Home Alabama and Fool’s Gold? There are so many questions involving the word ‘why’ that I want to ask. Here we have two great-looking and decent actors, but one lame romantic tale. I hate to say this but there really is no other way to put it: If you’ve seen Sweet Home Alabama, then you’ve seen Fool’s Gold and if you’ve seen Fool’s Gold, then you’ve seen The Bounty Hunter (it’s just set in and around Atlantic city). The problem with this story isn’t that it is completely fictitious, but that it’s annoying while being so fictitious.


Good music, good design, and good acting don’t make up for a lousy story.

Rating: 3.5/10

The Bounty Hunter debuts in theaters on Friday, March 19, 2010.



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