…it kicks ass. Much like the title of this film, Kick-Ass is very straight forward. It has one idea, one concept and it follows through 100% with what it promises to do. There’s no debate over the rating, no lines that they’re afraid to cross, it’s just a simple comic-book story about a guy who is anything but your typical hero. The fight scenes are extremely well done, every actor in it was extremely well cast, and although the dialogue is ridiculous at times, it was surprisingly realistic.

What makes this movie so great is that for however fantastical it is, it’s still based on real people AND has a strong sense that it’s based in reality. Yes it goes over the top and crazy, but always in a very organic, believable way. From the colors on the screen, to the lighting, and the overall tone, they did a great job of never making it feel like an unattainable movie. It’s more like a real life story with extraordinary happenings.

It chooses its tone, unforgiving and in your face and follows through on in it in every facet of the movie. From the romantic relationships to a 10-year-old girl playing with a gun, everything in it has a raw, violent, fun, in your face vibe to it.

The visuals were amazing, the fight scenes were bad-ass, the acting was phenomenal, the script was solid, the directing was clear and well done… there’s really no way of avoiding this cliched line… this film is seriously kick-ass.

My suggestion: See it in the theater with a packed audience, hearing the applause and “oohs and “aahs” makes it all the better.