Ugh, I’m getting flashbacks to 2006′s Miami Vice with this latest casting news. Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been tapped to co-star in the live action adaptation of Kane & Lynch. The popular video game from Eidos Entertainment entitled, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Rumors have been swirling for months as to who would play the dangerous duo and screenwriter Kyle Ward just let one of the cats out of the bag.

Ward announced via his Twitter page that Jamie Foxx had been cast in the role of James Lynch in the Simon West film. The character is a schizophrenic killer who teams up with a mercenary named Adam “Kane” Marcus. Bruce Willis has been previously attached to star as Kane, and quite frankly after Cop Out, wouldn’t this be a step up? Ward’s way of breaking the casting news was pretty straight to the point…

Done deal… Jamie Foxx is in.

Now the real question is, when will Willis confirm and when does production begin? I’ve never played the video game, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men but from what I hear it’s not that great. Does a mediocre game warrant a sub-par movie? It’s been done before in the past, but do we need to keep this trend going?

What do you think about Foxx starring as Lynch in Kane & Lynch? Have you played the video games? Are they good or disappointing?