After years of waiting for a third Ghostbusters film, we finally got the old crew back together including Bill Murray and original director Ivan Reitman. This sounds like a dream come true for any die-hard fan, but unfortunately the bliss might be cut short according to a report from MTV. Sony might want to pull a Spider-Man and get a younger, more hip director to usher the Ghostbusters into the new millennium leaving Reitman in the dust.

Is it just me or is Sony becoming a really difficult studio to work for? The latest report regarding their relationship with Reitman and Ghostbusters 3 suggests they want out with the old and in with the new. Where have we seen that before? The studio wants to reboot the franchise for a new generation, which is common knowledge, but they want to take the focus off the original characters and put it directly on the new guys.

It sounds like this won’t be the Ghostbusters we all grew up on, and because of this Reitman, and the returning actors (who have serious creative input) might be at an impasse with Sony. This property means more to the director than dollar signs and it sounds like the studio just wants another blockbuster under their belt. If they can’t come to an agreement Ghostbusters 3 might not be heading to theaters after all.

Is Sony wrong for wanting to change the Ghostbusters’ image? Do you think they’ll do a full reboot as opposed to a sequel?