This week there isn’t a movie that stands out as an obvious winner at the box office. Films like The Bounty Hunter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid don’t stand a good chance against the two time champ, Alice in Wonderland. Another new release is Jude Law and Forest Whitakers latest action flick Repo Men, which should be filled with fights, explosions, and of course bloody organs. The question is, can the Repo Men take the top spot from Alice?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid looks like it will be a decent family film, but it has gotten little attention from the press. That isn’t going to encourage audiences to see the movie, especially if they’re not fans of the books. The Bounty Hunter on the other hand can be seen everywhere and it looks terrible. As of late people haven’t really been flocking to Jennifer Aniston or Gerard Butler movies, so this might be a match made in box office hell.

Although I wasn’t a fan of Alice in Wonderland, there are some die hard Johnny Depp supporters out there who will flock to theaters just to see him on the big screen again. Plus, films that cater to both kids and adults tend to enjoy more success at the box office.

Repo Men looks like it will be an action movie with a predictable plot but it’s the only new release this week from the genre. The major issue with the film is its R rating; young kids will be shut out, which might cause them to go for Alice instead.

The verdict: Alice in Wonderland. Even though it’s been in theaters for a few weeks now, the other movies seem too mediocre.

What do you think? Do you agree? What will you see this weekend?