Just when you thought Rose McGowan’s dreams of starring in a barbaric themed action movie were over, she gets cast in Conan. According to Variety, the actress will round out the crew of Marcus Nispel’s remake of the 1982 film, which currently includes Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang. Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman, Leo Howard, and Said Taghmaoui.

According to the trade, McGowan won’t be appearing as the female soldier Red Sonja, a character the actress has been previously attached play. Instead she’ll be one of the bad guys. Her character is a half-human, half-witch which means she might have plenty of scenes with Lang who’s been tapped to play the villain, Khalar Singh.

It’s hard to think about McGowan starring in this film without Red Sonja. Both properties are directly connected to one another. The one plus side to this is knowing that she won’t be the main love interest in the film. That honor will go to Nichols who plays Tamara. I just don’t feel like watching another movie with McGowan pouting and overly sexualizing herself. At least here we might have a chance to see her play a simple, cold-hearted bitch and I’m fine with that.

What do you think of McGowan joining Conan? Do you think Red Sonja will pop up somewhere?