Among all the crazy new info that’s popped up online during ShoWest and SXSW, somehow a trailer for Jason Statham and Ben Foster’s new film slipped through the cracks. Don’t get me wrong, I heard about The Mechanic months ago but there was no countdown for the trailer which apparently was released today. What’s up with that?

The Mechanic is a remake of the seventies action film that starred the late Charles Bronson (Magnificent Seven alum woot woot!). The story centered on a former hitman who takes a youngster under his wing as an apprentice in the game of death (no pun intended). The student in question is played by Foster, while Donald Sutherland stars as his father and Statham’s handler. The Mechanic will be directed by Simon West and is scheduled for a theatrical release on December 15, 2010.

Before viewing the trailer you should know there are some shots that are NSFW. Other than that, this looks like a standard Jason Statham action flick, but Foster is the selling point for me. His character is the only one that doesn’t seem one dimensional, plus he’s a talented actor. Check it out for yourself…

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What do you think of the first trailer for The Mechanic?