It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Tom Selleck headline a drama series (“Las Vegas” doesn’t count), and even though “Magnum, P.I.” wasn’t exactly “The Soprano’s” it was dramatic enough by eighties standards. According to Deadline, Selleck is close to signing a deal with CBS to star in a new drama on the network called Reagan’s Law. If that’s not the title of a show that demands a middle aged lead with a huge mustache I don’t know what is.

The show will center on a family of multi-generational law enforcement officers. Selleck will play the role of the handsome widower who is the current NYPD chief of police. He has the handsome part down to a science. Even though the actor is no longer in his Playgirl days, like wine, he only gets better with time.

Reagan’s Law will also feature Len Cariou, who’ll play the family patriarch and the ex-chief of police. Selleck will star as his son, while Donnie Wahlberg returns to television (he was awesome on “Boomtown“), as Selleck’s spawn, a detective who returned to the force after a tumultuous stint as a captain in Iraq.

The premise is interesting as we look into the lives of these police officers in different stages of their careers. I think Wahlberg’s character should be the most interesting as the war in Iraq is still a hot topic. Michael Cuesta is set to direct the pilot, which will begin filming later this month.

What is your favorite Tom Selleck role? Do you think he’s a good choice for the lead in Reagan’s Law?