I just left the screening for Toy Story 3 and a decade after the release of the previous film, this one is definitely a worthy follow up. One of the great things about attending ShoWest are the first looks you get to see for upcoming films including. Much like in the theaters, Disney/Pixar screened a short film entitled Day and Night before the feature and (as always) it was amazing. Simple and smooth, yet poignant and sentimental.

The use of colors and sometimes the lack of color, mixed with the fluid and continual movement of the characters was exceptional, even more so than some of their past shorts. They placement allowed for you to follow the characters and understand everything about them without them ever having to point anything out. But, as always it was the story behind the animation that made it so touching. They manage to cover everything that they achieve with their feature length films in a matter of well placed moments and looks without and unnecessary dialogue. Truly amazing.

Whether you’re a grandparent, adult, teenager, or toddler, there’s no doubt that all of their shorts including Day and Night will fill you with emotions and make you smile. Although Day and Night was not quite as good Partly Cloudy, the short that they screened before Up this is definitely a worthy contender.

In my previous post before the presentation, there was a bit of skepticism regarding whether or not the 3D movie would win me over, and although I’m still not convinced that it’s great for feature length films (at least not all feature length films), it was a pleasure to watch this short 6(ish) minute film in 3D. It was the perfect amount of technology to give it a modern feel without taking away from its appeal.

After that they screening Disney/Pixar’s upcoming film Toy Story 3, with a temp score, and about 85% of the animation done, which you can read here.