As requested, we will be revealing no plot information, spoilers, or many details about Disney/Pixar’s latest addition to the Toy Story series, Toy Story 3. There are very few films out there that I support trilogies of and this is one of them, mainly because they proved with their second film that it could be just as good as the first.

The version that the screened for us here at ShoWest still had a temp score, it was in 2D and the animation was not 100% complete. It’s very hard, even for the most imaginative minds to get the full experience of a film when it’s not completely finished.

That being said, this was a good film, a great animation, and I liked it quite a bit… but it did not quite have the “wow” quality that I have come to expect from Disney/Pixar. Don’t get me wrong, this is a solid film, filled with all the heart-break, life lessons and joy of any of the other Toy Story films and as always they had a number of surprises you’ll never see coming, but it was by no means my favorite of the series. In some ways it just seemed to deliver the basic goods that we want from the movie without really going above and beyond.

The short that they played before the film, Day and Night, actually impressed me more than the film.

I will however plan on attending the film again once it’s finished, because I have a feeling that, that may bump it up to the next notch that I’m looking for…

Toy Story 3 Trailer 2 in HD

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Check out Toy Story 3, completely finished and in 3D in theaters on June 16, 2010