Netflix is bound to get a workout this week as no fewer than eleven feature films are hitting DVD shelves. That’s right, eleven. And the list is stacked with blockbusters like the second Twilight film, New Moon and The Princess and the Frog leading the way. There’s stuff for indie fans as well including Pedro Almodovar’s latest and an adaptation of the David Foster Wallace story. All that, plus one of the best shows on television!

Check it all out below. . .


Twilight: New Moon

It’s Twilight time again, so brace yourself for a few magazine covers, a few disinterested interviews, and a few more “star-making” claims. Not as many as a theatrical release, but they’ll come.

The part of this that never makes sense is the claim that these people are all “movie stars” now. Really? Do they think tweens are going to see these movies because Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are staring in them? Are they’re really drawn in by nothing more than Taylor Lautner?

Absolutely not.

Tweens see these movies simply because of the books.  imply because they are called “Twilight.” It wouldn’t have mattered in the least who they cast.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of logic to reach that conclusion, yet people are in the midst of doing things like saying Lautner is the next Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s just insane. In fact, if he hadn’t packed on all that muscle it was reported that the producers were set to replace him. We’re leveling this type of star praise on actors who could barely be cast as characters they originated?

So when you buy this on DVD, keep in mind that you’re probably watching the height of the three leads’ careers.

The Princess and the Frog

When this movie was in development, analysts were looking at it as sort of a last grasp at saving Disney’s hand-drawn animation department. Then, when it came out, everyone trumpeted it as a rousing success.

Um. . .what?

When it was all totaled, this film made a scant $105 million domestically, just about equalling its production budget. It made a lot overseas, so it was profitable, but nowhere near the rousing success of the numerous claims surrounding it. Especially when you put it up against Pixar films that routinely cross $250 million without breaking a sweat.

Sure, the reviews were there, but this wasn’t nearly as well-received as movies during Disney’s second animation heyday, when films like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King earned insane raves (and each would have made more than triple what Princess made at an adjusted box office).

So is hand-drawn animation back? Not yet.  But maybe sales of this DVD could bring it back for sure.



“Breaking Bad”: Season 2

Is “Breaking Bad” the best drama on television? Pretty much. It’s hard to argue against that point. Between Bryan Cranston’s otherworldly performance, the gritty realism of its storylines, and the way creator Vince Gilligan balances his world so elegantly, this drama is tough to beat.

But I’d rather not explain why it’s so good. No, instead you should buy the DVD, and binge out on “Breaking Bad” before the new season begins on Sunday.

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What DVD will you be picking up this week?