ShoWest premiered the green band trailer for Get Him to The Greek, a slapstick comedy about a nerdy assistant who is sent to go get an out of control rock star to The Greek theater for a performance. As simple and cliched as the premise may be they have cast the film well enough that it looks like it may just be worth a watch. Both actors are playing the exact same characters that we’ve come to know them for. Jonah Hill is a complete nerd with no social sense and Russell Brand is, well Russell Brand.

As much as I would like to say this looks like the usual mindless rubbish, the two of them together on screen might just be enough to make this sucker work. Something about them does have a kind of, dare I say charm that might just work well together. As we all know Brand is a walking performance, so hopefully with the masterful Hill, the two will be able to make some magic.

Check out the trailer below…

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