Sacha Baron Cohen may still be stewing over a supporting role in Men in Black 3, but according to Deadline Hollywood he’s already got a part in Martin Scorsese’s latest project. The Oscar winning director has been working on a live action adaptation of the children’s novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and he plans on bringing Cohen, and Shutter Island co-star Ben Kingsley along for the ride.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a highly praised novel written by Brian Selznick that centers on a 12 year old orphan boy who lives within the walls of a train station. It follows his daily journeys as he interacts with several suspicious characters including a bitter old man and a bookish girl. The story will take place in 1930’s Paris, and we’re hearing that Cohen will play the station inspector, while Kingsley stars as “George Melies, the famous silent filmmaker who plays a pivotal role in the film.”

This project will mark a rare crossover for Scorsese into the children’s genre of film, and it sounds like he has his heart set on making this the best adaptation it can be. Cabret definitely has a built in audience and plenty of critical acclaim. The trick is getting that magic to transfer onto the big screen without pissing off any of its faithful fans. I think Marty can pull it off though.

What do you think of the cast for Hugo Cabret? Do you think Martin Scorsese will be able to successfully adapt the film?