Just when we thought the race for finding Captain America couldn’t get any stranger Ryan Phillippe has thrown his hat into the ring. According to Hitfix, Phillippe along with several other actors are in contention for the lead role in The First Avenger: Captain America including Mike Vogel, Garrett Hedlund, and Chris Evans.

The big screen comic adaptation will be directed by Joe Johnston and as of late it’s the only Marvel film that seems to be stuck in neutral. Considering the film is scheduled for release next year, you’d think they would have nailed down the title character already.

The plot for Captain America is pretty basic. After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into the star spangled hero, a man dedicated to defending America’s ideals. As he fights bad guys left and right, he earns his way into the hearts and souls of every American, bringing hope and justice to a war-weary nation.

Who better to play an unfit, mild mannered soldier turned superhero than Phillippe? If you can’t wait another few weeks to see if the actor lands the part, you can still see the 35 year old star as Will Forte’s comic foil in MacGruber this May.

Who do you think should get the part of Captain America?