Nothing against Ron Perlman aka Hellboy, but I was really looking forward to seeing Mickey Rourke in the upcoming Conan remake. According to recent reports the Academy Award nominated actor has been replaced in the film by Perlman who will now take over the role of Corin, the title character’s dad. He’ll also be joined by G.I. Joe alum Said Taghmaoui who played Breaker in the summer blockbuster.

The Perlman update comes courtesy of Vulture, who claims that a close source to the project has informed them of the casting change regarding Rourke. The role of Corin will be supporting, but shouldn’t be anything too major because from what I remember from Conan lore, (Spoiler alert) he doesn’t live that long. It still would have been great to have Rourke on board but he’s probably too busy with his Greek epic, War of the Gods.

As for Taghmaoui, he’ll star as “a leader of thieves who is saved by Conan and later offers him aid.” He’ll be joining his fellow G.I. Joe co-star Rachel Nichols who will play Tamara in the film, and Avatar‘s Stephen Lang who will be the main villain. Conan will be directed by Marcus Nispel and has Hawaiian actor/model Jason Momoa set as the lead.

What do you think of the Perlman-Rourke switcheroo? Who could play Corin better?