Filmmaker Michel Gondry recently spoke to the folks over at MTV about his upcoming big screen adaptation of The Green Hornet. According to him, we can expect to see a trailer for the film sooner than later and he even gave a description of the first piece of live action Hornet footage. The video’s already been cut and it’s ready for your viewing pleasure.

This weekend Gondry has been hanging out at the South by Southwest Film Festival, which he felt was the perfect place to discuss the status of The Green Hornet. Even though the film has been troubled by creative and corporate problems since its inception he assures us that everything is right in his Hornet world.

“It’s a great collaboration,” he said. “I really enjoy working with the producers. All of those guys happen to think very fast and make very random decisions, but they turned out to be successful.”

As for the trailer, Gondry revealed that it will give us a little backstory on the title character and his sidekick.

“You see Kato and Seth deciding why they want to be crime fighters,” he said. “Then you see images of their completion. It’s pretty violent, but with a good spirit.”

He also said that the trailer should debut sometime this spring or summer. I’m going to go with the spring because if it’s already been edited the sooner they put it out the better. There are too many people concerned about Seth Rogen’s vision for the movie and they need something to either quiet or confirm their fears.

Are you looking forward to the trailer for The Green Hornet? Are you excited about seeing the film?